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Youniverse Of Experiences

Life is governed by the opportunities you identify then pursue

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Environmental Development

The choice is to control and develop your environment to meet your expectation or be subservient to the numerous external forces that will come to control you for their own benefit.

Youniversal Consciousness

You are the architect of your own Youniverse of consciousness driven both internally concerning desires, as well as externally through perception that is either imagined, manipulated or accurate.

Management Of Reality

Reality is a power struggle between following your own intuition or being subject to being subservient to the needs and necessary support of others who wish to use your energy for their own purposes.

Youniverse Experience

The scope of your known Youniverse depends upon your world reach, this can be as far as your front door or stretch to far off distant continents that you wish to visit and experience their culture.

Variable Destiny

Destiny is not fixed but quite variable based upon the various impacts of fate or ideally the personal determination to persevere in ensuring personal wishes and desires are fully achieved.

Perception Control

Potential is based upon personal perception, whether you excel and succeed depends upon how the world is viewed, understood, then capitalized upon to achieve your personal objectives.

Understanding The Point In Time

To fix where you are going in life you need to determine where you are now; this is a common statement of universal logic. But why waste time trying to understand where you are when you already know it's not where you want to be.

There's nothing to understand, you know exactly how you got to the present state, you know you want to get the hell out of there, so focus on the solution that can improve the situation. There is no necessity to understand current conditions all you need to comprehend is where exactly you wish to go and what you need to do to get there.

The RollerCoaster Of Fate

Fate can indeed be like a rollercoaster, unpredictable, suddenly changing direction without much warning, with ups and downs, twists and turns. The rollercoaster ride of life or fate is in your hands alone, based on the results of your thinking and actions.

Just like a rollercoaster, life can be extremely exciting if you wish it to be so. Life is the opportunity to identify and grasp those wonders that make the experience invigorating and valuable.

Life is the same as a rollercoaster in that it has a start and an end; also just like a rollercoaster life can excite you, make you want to scream on occasions, even bring tears to your eyes, have moments that make you tense and moments that make you relaxed, a whole array of experiences and moods are created.

How you view a rollercoaster ride is generally based upon a state of mind, such is life, how you view your experiences will determine how what has occurred will be remembered, creating the concept of how life will turn out in the end.

Remember you are the final and sole architect of your universe that is your reality. Any choice or decision you choose to make, any action you take is solely your choice, the results of which are solely your own responsibility and benefit.

Quotes From Life Is A Cocktail

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“ Focus solely only upon what will enliven your life for the better; dismiss any negatives or unproductive thoughts, they will detract from what is beneficial for you. ”
“ Everyone has the opportunity to choose or decide what they will believe, based on experiences, intuition, and observations. ”
“ Avoid letting circumstances control your decisions and dictate your actions, thereby controlling your life. ”

Controlling Outcomes

Don't become manipulated by the illusion of whom you think you are, or whom you think you should be.

Creative ideas

What can be conceived within the imagination has the potential to become real within reality.

Power Of Thought

Unless what you pursue is clearly and firmly fixed within your mind you will never achieve it.

Value In Effort

The value of things is always in relation to what was necessary to obtain them.

Potential Of Choices

The choices are just as endless as the potential outcomes they enable.

Capitalizing on Dreams

Dreams, if not pursued, are like butterflies that flap their wings and fly away.

Mastering The Mindset

Capturing the moment is what the mind excels at, as long as such perception basis clearly accurate then what occurs can be accurately understood.

Issues arise when what is observed is littered with insufficient bits of nonsense that distort the true meaning. Interruptions that cause any disturbance can cause risks in attention span that allow instability perceptions due to loss of focus.

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